What causes our hair’s health to deteriorate?

Our hair is one of the most treasured assets we have. A smart hair style can define our personality. Ensuring nourishment of our hair can keep it strong and shiny. There are many unique practices of nourishments that can help us care for our hair. Let’s look at two kinds of them – natural and artificial.

Natural causes of hair weathering:

Sun, wind, humidity, environmental pressure and fluctuating moisture content, impact our hair adversely by drying it out. If there is a change in temperature, the water content in our hair and skin diminishes. The body cell gets dry, and reduces the sweat and oil producing glands. That affects our hair scalp and hair texture. Here’s more insight into the effect of such natural factors:

Sun: Apart from peak summers, even if there is no heat outdoors, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can also harm our hair texture. No matter what season, we are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, in the form of UV rays. The sun rays penetrate deep into our skin layers, causing long term damage. The signs such damage eventually includes lightening of hair color, brittleness, dry and split ends of hair. And it’s not that hard to prevent this all. Just:

  • use a  hat  over  the  head
  • putting a  scarf  on  the  hair
  • or use an umbrella

Wind: Frequent exposure to excess wind sometimes damages our hair. Too much wind causes tangles and snags in mid to long length hair, causing dullness. The best way to protect your hair is by  making a bun or pulling it back in a ponytail. Short hair ofcourse, if free from this ordeal!

Humidity: Sometimes changes in the external humidity creates problem for the hair. It can increase the volume of your hair, fluffing it up or giving the hair cortex a swollen effect. It causes a coarse and unpleasant texture. The scalp thus gets affected. You can easily take care of this by conditioning your hair with oil massages twice a week. Use a towel soaked in hot water, to apply some steam to your hair after the oil massage. Wash your hair and towel try after that, for best impact.


Artificial causes of hair damage:

 Artificial processes like hair coloring, use of chemicals to per or straighten, have a strong impact. Hair styling, hair bleaching, shampooing and conditioning are some other artificial causes. When we do use these to treat our hair, sometimes the chemical compound of the product causes allergy. It causes the scalp to burn, leading to allergic dermatitis. This damage results in brittleness and hair loss. Excessive blow drying, hot combs, and use of styling gels also causes brittle hair. The use of these products is absolutely fine. We just need to ensure a little extra care, or product use in moderation. The same is true for shampoos. We know shampoos cleanse the scalp and get rid of pollutants. However, not every shampoo suits each person. If we do not know to use the right product, they have a harsh effect. To avoid skin irritation, it is essential to use the product that is tested according to the skin’s pH balance.

If we’ve caught your attention with this post, stay tuned for more ideas of hair nourishment. After all, Paawanee is all about your care, and that can’t be too far behind!

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